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You arrive at HCC and are given a name tag, booklet and file, and "check-in" to your rooms. That evening we have our first meal together, and then enjoy a night of orientation and icebreakers, where you are briefed on the dos and don'ts of the school, and where you spend some time getting to know your new friends a little bit better. It might be a bit awkward now, but come graduation night in five weeks time, you will grow such strong relationships that many of you will be shedding tears! :)

The next day, the school goes straight into the daily schedule that you will get used to over the coming days.

Sleepy eyes are greeted with breakfast, followed by a time of worship. Then everyone enjoys half-an-hour of personal devotion, where there is just you, your bible and God.

We meet after that for a time of communal sharing, where everyone has the opportunity to share how God ministered to them that morning.

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