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You then go straight into your first class. You have two or three class sessions every day of the school, and we arrange for teachers from all over the country to come up to Camerons to teach you on a wide range of subjects, with the aim of equipping you for Christian adulthood.

These sessions go hand in hand with the times of devotion and sharing, and along with practical opportunities to give you exposure and get your hands dirty as you put your faith to practice, they form the life-blood of the school, and a whole "package" in which your mind is fed, your heart is moved and your hands get engaged, to the glory of God.

Classes are definitely not like your usual sermons back at church. Lessons are interactive and fun, where you will engage with the teacher and in your groups. Some of our lessons are even times for you to sit back in the RBS "cinema" and enjoy a movie, documentary or even a live music video!

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